Father's Day Whiskey SUGGESTION

by Scott Evans, Founder & President of Pago Restaurant Group

As a father myself, I can honestly say one of my favorite gifts these days is a great bottle of booze. Whether it be whiskey or wine, I am an equal opportunity drinker. When giving alcohol as a gift, I try and seek something a little more boutique, smaller production or even better something with a limited supply. Of course, it HAS to be delicious, but I almost didn’t need to mention that… All those aspects have a story to tell and your father (or father-in-law) will hopefully recall that story (and your great taste) each time he pulls out the crystal rocks glasses. 

One whiskey that fits that criteria nicely is Pikesville 110 Rye (Utah DABC sku:027114, currently $49.99). It is allocated at only 1 bottle per customer with only a 150 or so bottles scattered about the state. The whiskey gets dropped at the state once a year and always sells out, but the wines stores in SLC have a decent supply about 25 bottles at each. Founded in 1895, originally Pikeville was produced in Maryland until prohibition, but reemerged later in Kentucky reviving this storied brand. Over the last couple years, it has garnered a slew of awards from gold to double gold from reputable reviewers. This rye offers aromas of vanilla crème brulee and spice box. The palate is spicy and has licorice flavors as well. Vanilla and cinnamon close the deal. Rare, prestigious, storied and ultimately a smooth and delicious whiskey worthy of a gift yet not too pricey.

P.S. If you love whiskey, or are just learning and want to sample several different whiskeys, join us for our Father's Day tasting menu + whiskey pairings on Sunday, June 18th between 5-10pm.  Click for details.