A Destination

Finca is a Spanish-inspired restaurant, serving Spanish tapas and updated Spanish dishes, inspired by the many regions of Spain and the local and sustainable ingredients of Utah.  

The word "Finca" means rural or agricultural estate in Spanish, and many small production wineries in Spain use "Finca" in their name to refer to wine made from grapes grown on their single-estate property.

Like its sister restaurant Pago, Finca was developed to deliver unique and exceptional food -- in this case Spanish tapas -- sourced from local farms and artisans in Utah.

Spanish tapas (or small plates) have a long history in Spain, traditionally served as in-between snacks before lunch or dinner with a glass of wine or a cocktail. In the U.S., many Spanish tapas restaurants play off this concept with tapas as a main course, creating a fun, communal, energetic event where diners can sample and share many small dishes during the meal. 


Tapas - or small plate (saucer size) dishes - are the perfect sharing foods. Typically 3-4 tapas dishes are ordered per person, depending on your appetite and which dishes are selected.  This allows diners to experience a a range of tastes and flavors for a fun and unique culinary experience.  And don't worry if you've never had Spanish food before -- Spanish cuisine has many of the Mediterranean flavors that also inspire Greek, French and Italian cuisines.

If you've never dined with us before or never had Spanish tapas before, we are here to help!  Please ask your server and he/she can describe dishes, recommend favorites, and help you select a range of items to meet your needs.  We can find something to satisfy nearly every preference -- whether it's a less adventurous eater, a hearty appetite or dietary restrictions.  

Our tapas menu is organized by ingredient (salads, vegetables, seafood & meat).  You may want to start with a Pintxo or small bite to nibble on as you're deciding on your order.  And consider our Platos Grandes or large plates (equivalent to 2-3 tapas plates) that include seasonal fish or meat, as well as Paella - a traditional Spanish favorite with seasoned rice and vegetables or chicken and seafood.  Please allow 30-40 minutes for our Platos Grandes.  Once you order, tapas will arrive at the table as they are ready (not first course, second course, etc). Sometimes several dishes arrive at once - just pass them around family-style and scoop a serving onto your individual plate.  After dinner, you may want to try our house made churros with dipping sauce or one of our dessert specials.  

Let yourself be adventurous and try something that you haven't tried before.  Enjoy!



Our bar program transforms artisan spirits into balanced cocktails. Highlighting Spanish spirits, sherries and ports, the bar program tips its hat to Spain, while offering the best of craft cocktails from around the world. Finca also offers a wide variety of Spanish wines, celebrating Spain’s diverse wine growing regions, as well as some of our favorites across Europe.  Sommelier/Owner Scott Evans regularly travels across Spain to hand select wines from family owned estates, or "fincas."  The result is an exciting wine program with depth and breadth from Spain’s established and up and coming producers. 

There are no hard and fast rules for what beverages to drink with tapas. From cocktails to cava to wine, it's often fun to start with a pre-dinner drink and then move into wine for dinner.  Please ask us if you'd like some ideas - we'd love to help! 


We're a small, local, family-owned business focused on bringing great and unique food to our fine Salt Lake City, Utah. No outside investors or corporate ownership here, but we buy high-quality, sustainable ingredients largely from other local farms and businesses and have a fantastic front and back of house team that makes us shine. A few of the people that keep us running include:

Scott Evans, Owner & Operator (pictured, on right)

Jameel Gaskins, Director of Operations (pictured, on left)

Sarah Fults, General Manager

Marco Porlles, Executive Chef

Angel Ortiz Magaz, Sous Chef